We will be updating the SER website on Tuesday 9 July in order to make several improvements to the site’s functionality.

The changes include:

Certificate status report (Certifiers)/Completed certificates report (Approved Body)

  • You can now re-order the report via Permit Number – this has also been added as a filter, allowing you to search for a project by the Permit Number.
  • You can now use the report to access the invoice for any certificate you have generated (via the right-hand column of the report).
  • Certifiers can now search the report via a certificate’s ‘Payment completed’ date.

Certificate homepage

  • You are now able to see how much you paid for a certificate using the ‘Additional Information’ tab under ‘Certificate Details’ of a certificate’s information page. In addition, below that is a link to take you directly to that certificate’s invoice.

Account homepage

  • Body and Certifier homepages now include both a next renewal due date and an expiry date (which will be the date on which you need to complete your 5th year renewal) – this is mainly for our benefit, but we wanted to mention it in case you got confused by your page looking slightly different to what you are used to!
  • If you are not currently an active member of the Scheme (if you have resigned from the Scheme, for example) then the date you resigned will take the place of your next renewal date.

Blogs and News

  • We have introduced several improvements to the Blog and News sections of the website which will make it quicker and easier to find articles on specific subjects. This is part of an ongoing process, and we will provide further information in due course.

We will be publishing a series of blogs over the coming weeks which will provide further details on these improvements.

Finally, we have been informed that it is extremely unlikely that any site downtime will be required for these improvements to be deployed to the site – however, we will let you know if this situation changes.

If you have any queries or comments about these changes, please contact us at admin@ser-ltd.com

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