A key requirement of the SER Scheme is the auditing of members. It is through the process of auditing that the activities of Approved Certifiers and Approved Bodies are monitored to see whether or not the legislative and scheme requirements are being met. SER has always conducted its audits face-to-face and maintains that this is beneficial for all involved.

As a result of the measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, it was agreed with the Scottish Government’s Building Standards Division that it was necessary to pause the usual SER Audit Programme. However, in order to be able to monitor certification activities during this time, it has further been agreed with the Building Standards Division that a process of remote monitoring is introduced.

The aim of remote monitoring is not to replicate or replace the process of auditing, but is to gauge whether or not Approved Certifiers are meeting the Scheme requirements during the current circumstances, by reviewing their certification records and where possible some of the project records.

Monitoring does not replace any required audit, and members will be audited on the usual timescales once it is possible to resume the Audit Programme. Note that it is also possible that the same projects which have been monitored will be audited.