SER certificates are generated as protected pdfs and current SER procedures require “wet” signatures from both the Approved Certifier and the Certification Coordinator representing the Approved Body. As Approved Body offices are now closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic with employees working from home, an alternative solution needs to be found for situations where the certificate cannot be printed, signed and scanned.

Following discussions with the Scottish Government Building Standards Division, it has been agreed that certificates can be accepted unsigned on a temporary basis due to COVID-19 provided they are accompanied by the attached Confirmation of Signature Forms from both the Approved Certifier and the Certification Coordinator for the Approved Body, which should be signed electronically.

When a certificate has been generated, the Approved Certifier should complete a copy of the Model Certificate Signature Form for Approved Certifiers and send both the unsigned Certificate and the Signature Form in pdf format to the Coordinator for the Approved Body via an email address attributable to the Approved Body. The Coordinator should then complete the Certificate Signature Form for the Approved Body in pdf format. The email can then be forwarded on as required with all three pdf documents attached, again using an email address attributable to the Approved Body.
The email should clearly identify the certificate it relates to in the subject line by means of the Certificate number and Project location.

If the certificate is being submitted via the portal, the two Confirmation of Signature Forms completed by the Approved Certifier and the Certification Coordinator should be uploaded along with the certificate.

Certificate signatures dates for both the Approved Certifier and Certification Coordinator should be entered in the SER database as usual.

PDF versions of these Forms may be downloaded below. The forms allow the blank fields to be completed and signatures added by use of the "Fill and Sign" option available in the free Abode Acrobat Reader software. Microsoft Word versions are available if required on request to SER Admin.

Form Qs

If it is not possible to print, sign and scan the Form Q generated via the SER database, a manual Form Q produced using the Model Form available for download from the Building Standards Division website at may be submitted instead.