This technical bulletin is currently under review with a view to new guidance being published.

If using the current version please note the following:

  • Technical Bulletin 2: Guidelines for checking the Structural Design of Buildings has been withdrawn and replaced by Guidance Note 11 with the same title.
  • The latest editions of the documents referenced in the Technical Bulletin and its Bibliography should be used.
  • It is no longer permissible to place glazing systems to buildings in risk groups 2A, 2B and 3 on Schedule 1, so any reference to the use of Schedule 1 no longer applies to buildings in these risk groups.
  • In Section 1 the document states: “Generally glazing systems will be designed by a specialist contractor......”. It should be noted that this statement should refer to curtain walling systems. It is apparent that suppliers of window systems do not normally offer design services; they supply glazed panels that are certified as having met certain test criteria. Specifiers of glazing systems made up of glazed panels should check whether or not the chosen suppliers provide a design service before specifying that the structural design is to be undertaken by the supplier.

We would welcome any comments you have about the guidance that should be given to Certifiers on Certification of the Design of Glazing Systems. Please send comments to