CPD Activity Notepad (CPD return advice part 1 of 4)

01 December 2023

This is the first in a series of CPD-related blogs, with each focusing on a specific section of the SER CPD return process. It provides information on the principles behind the activity notepad, why we recommend you use it, and advice to help you avoid issues that some Certifiers have found with it when completing their SER CPD return.

Importing CPD Notepad and Uploading IStructE & ICE returns (CPD return advice part 2 of 4)

01 December 2023

The window for completing SER CPD returns for 2023 opens on 1st January 2024. All Approved Certifiers who became members of the Scheme before 1st July 2023 are required to submit a CPD return for the 2023 calendar year. This blog covers importing activities from the CPD Notepad and uploading your IStructE & ICE returns as part of your SER return.

SER CPD: Review, Activities and Intentions (CPD return advice part 3 of 4)

01 December 2023

This is the penultimate part in our series of blogs designed to help you complete your SER CPD return with the minimum of difficulty. This blog contains information relating to the main page of the SER CPD return process: Review, Activities and Intentions.

Step-by-step guide to completing your CPD return (CPD return advice part 4 of 4)

01 December 2023

This blog provides a quick step by step guide to completing a satisfactory SER CPD return. If you don't have time to look at anything else, check this blog!

Certification of Photo Voltaic Panel Installations

21 September 2023

Installations of photo voltaic panels both retrospectively and in new-builds continue to grow as the use of renewables increases, and SER Auditors are encountering a growing number of issues in audits of projects where PV panels have been used.

Use of Schedule 1 in Staged Projects

13 June 2023

A common finding at audit is the inappropriate use of Schedule 1 in staged projects. We also frequently receive queries on the same subject. This blog contains guidance on this issue.

Certification of Ground Screw Piling Systems

13 June 2023

Following a number of recent audits SER has become aware of the increased use of Ground Screw piles as an alternative to conventional foundation solutions for residential projects up to two storeys in height. This blog gives guidance as to how the certification of such piling systems should be approached.

Continuing Professional Development

13 June 2023

Since restarting auditing following the pandemic, our Auditors have noted some common errors in recording of SER CPD. Robert Storey, one of the Vice-Chairs of the Scottish Registration Board, has written this blog to address this.

Update on Auditing

01 April 2022

SER's Audit Procedures have been revised with the agreement of the Scottish Government's Building Standards Division to incorporate learning from the remote monitoring process as well as to allow for on-going restrictions and changes to ways of working resulting from the pandemic. In addition, a full review of the procedures and appendices has been undertaken to incorporate feedback and resulting changes required since the last version was published in 2016.

Approved Body documentation changes

07 November 2021

When we advised you of the changes resulting from SER's re-appointment as a Scheme Provider we noted that there was considerable focus on the role of Approved Bodies during that process and that as part of this Approved Bodies will now be required to upload copies of their PI insurance certificate and Complaints Procedure to their records on the SER website.