Please ensure that you are registered and logged in before applying to join the scheme

Sole Practitioners must apply as both an individual and a body. The combined fee for both types of application is £75 + VAT:

   •       £25 + VAT for the Approved Certifier application
   •       A discounted rate of £50 + VAT for the Approved Body application

Registration of both an Approved Certifier and an Approved Body is for a 5 year period initially

Sole Practitioners are required to pay an annual fee in order to maintain their membership of the Scheme and remain an Approved Certifier of Design/Approved Body. The total fee is £75 + VAT for renewal of both memberships. A reminder email will be sent out 3 months before renewal is due. Renewals are made online via the link which will appear on your User Homepage once renewal is due.

Renewal of Approved Certifier and Approved Body memberships is to be completed separately.

Sole Practitioners are subject to audit at any time to be decided as necessary by SER.

The Scheme generally does not allow certification without checking by a second person. 'Two pairs of eyes' should be involved in order to give the Certifier adequate assurance of a sound design before the certificate is signed. Sole practitioners therefore need to enter into an agreement with another firm for checking of design if they are the Certifier or should approach an Approved Body for the provision of certification services.

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You must read the Scheme Guide for Scotland before making an application