It has come to our attention during the process of reviewing reports of recent remote monitoring sessions that the certification of the design of protective barriers is frequently failing to meet the scheme requirements. Approved Certifiers are reminded that they are required to satisfy themselves that adequate details of any pedestrian or vehicle barriers have been prepared and that there are sufficient calculations or other justification to demonstrate their design.

Often the details on the warrant drawings are inadequate and fail to show the construction of the barrier and how it is to be connected to the supporting structure.

Where protective barriers are designed by a third party and they are included on Schedule 1 to the certificate, it is important that the warrant drawings show the location of the barrier, typical construction details and the loading for which the barrier is designed, in accordance with Annex A in the Procedural Guidance on Certification published by Scottish Government. There must also be a sufficiently detailed performance specification, against which the finalised design and details provided by the third party can be checked.

We will be paying particular attention to the certification of the design of protective barriers at future monitoring sessions and audits and recommend that you review the scheme requirements described in  Certification Performance Criteria Guidance B6.2.

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