Advice for those applying to become an SER Approved Certifier

31 August 2018

This week we have put together some hints and tips for people that are looking to join the SER Scheme as an Approved Certifier of Design (Building Structures). The advice will be of most use to those that have yet to begin the process, so please pass this to any colleagues that are thinking of applying.

Typical reinforcement details

24 August 2018

This week's blog is a little different to the norm. We invited an experienced structural engineer and member of SER's Scottish Registration Board to provide some guidance on Typical Reinforcement Details, with a strong emphasis on what constitutes typical.

Common certification errors (and how to avoid them!)

03 August 2018

For this week's blog we thought: what do people appreciate more than others politely pointing out some of the most common mistakes that they make? Quite a lot, admittedly, but we hope you will find the following useful nonetheless.