Once an application for Building Permit is ready to be made, the Approved Certifier of Design (Building Structures) generates a certificate from the SER system.

The certificate fee is a charge by SER to the client, but it is the member's responsibility to collect the certificate fee.

Initial certificate fees
In order to obtain a certificate, a fee must be paid. SER charges a flat rate of £73 for each certificate.
Additional certificate fees

Subsequent certificates associated with the same project cost £73.

Are there any differences between old and new certificates? +

There is now only 1 type of certificate rather than the previous 3. Where conversion work is included in the work certified this will be recorded on the certificate. The description of works should detail the new build, alteration/extension, and conversion elements of the project.

When creating a certificate Certifiers will be asked to identify the Risk Group of the building being certified and this will be recorded on the certificate. Risk Groups RG2A, RG2B and RG3 correspond to Risk Classifications RC2A, RC2B and RC3 for disproportionate collapse. RC1 is split into two Risk Groups RG1A and RG1B, with RG1B covering houses or extensions to houses of larger size or non-traditional construction. Guidance Note 8 - Guidance on the use of the Building Risk Group Matrix, gives further information on this and links Risk Groups to the level of checking required.

Can I access my old certificates? +

All of your certificates are accessible on the new system and can be downloaded in their original form from the certificate status report on your user home page. You are also able to create amendments to permit and add further stages to these legacy certificates.

Can I pay online? +

Yes, we prefer that all payments are made online where possible.

There is also provision to pay via cheque. For payments over £1,000 we are also able to accept payment via BACS.

Can Sole Practitioners produce certificates? +

Sole Practitioners may certify provided they are registered as both an Approved Certifier and an Approved Body.