If you're interested in joining our scheme please make sure you have registered and are logged in first.

When you are ready to make an application, navigate to the Joining Information section on the left and select from Firm, Individual, or Sole Practitioner. Then click on Apply Now to start your application.

Why is the Scheme open to Chartered Engineers only? +

The criteria for membership of the scheme is defined by SER and has been approved by the Planning and Environment Department of the States of Jersey.

How does this Scheme affect me as a non-Chartered Engineer? +

Non Chartered Engineers (IStructE or ICE) are not eligible to join the Scheme. However, you may still make Building Permit applications to Local Authorities in the traditional way.

Why would a business want to become an Approved Body? +

The Building Bye-laws (Jersey) 2007 have been revised such that only Approved Certifiers working for Approved Bodies can certify structural designs submitted for a Building Permit.

Why would a Chartered Engineer want to become an Approved Certifier? +

The Building Bye-laws (Jersey) 2007 have been revised such that only Approved Certifiers of Design can certify structural designs submitted for a Building Permit.

I have only just become Chartered. Am I able to apply to join the Scheme? +

The Scheme requires that all applicants must generally have a minimum of 5 years' experience after gaining Chartered Status in order to become an Approved Certifier of Design (Building Structures).

The Scheme will consider applications from engineers with less than 5 years post-chartered experience and require that their application states clearly the relevant skills and experience that they possess in order to be considered for membership of the Scheme.

Can I pay online? +

Yes, we prefer that all payments are made online where possible.

There is also provision to pay via cheque. For payments over £1,000 we are also able to accept payment via BACS.

What should I do if my application is not approved? +

Details of our appeals processes will be included with the email informing you that your application was not successful.

How do I apply as a Sole Practitioner? +

A Sole Practitioner is required to be registered as both an Approved Certifier and an Approved Body. Sole Practitioners pay a combined fee of £75 plus VAT for both applications.

Can the Firm that I work for apply to join the Scheme? +

A Firm is able to apply to join the Scheme as long as it permanently employs an Approved Certifier (e.g. on a permanent rather than contract basis) or there is an application form from a Chartered Engineer employed by the firm either pending or accompanying the firm application.

How long will the assessment of my application take? +

The average length of time from when SER receives the hard copy of an application form to an applicant being accepted onto the Scheme is approximately 6-8 weeks.

This is dependent on the strength of the initial application plus factors such as whether the assessors request further information or for the applicant to attend an interview before a final assessment decision is reached.