Audit Procedures

SER’s procedures for auditing are described in ‘Procedures for Auditing the Activities of Approved Bodies and Approved Certifiers’. The October 2016 edition applies to audits undertaken on or after 1 November 2016.

Charges for audits

SER does not charge Scheme members for the vast majority of audits undertaken, No charge is made for a first audit or for any audit where the previous audit outcome notification for the Approved Body or Approved Certifier states a maximum of 2 years or more.

A charge of £500 for the audit of an Approved Body or £1000 for an Approved Certifier, as a contribution towards the cost of conducting the audit is payable:

  • where the interval stated in the 2 previous audit outcome notifications is 1 year or less
  • for any audit following mentoring and suspension
  • for the first audit of any Scheme member allowed to re-join the Scheme having previously been removed from it for poor performance

The details of any charge is set out in the audit notification.