We emailed all Jersey Scheme members on 23rd April to inform them that DOE have requested that Certifiers incorporate some minor changes into their certification procedures.

This brief blog will provide a little more information on the reasoning behind the requested changes, and will also provide visual examples of what is required.

What are the changes?

The only section of the SER certificate which is affected is Schedule 1 (List of drawings, designs and calculations). There are, in effect, two changes; one which affects Certifiers that choose to upload a list, and the other for those that manually enter the list during the certification process.

Uploading a list

 Many Certifiers upload company specific lists of information. The purpose of these changes is not to make your lives more difficult, so we do not propose you make any significant or time consuming changes to the format of the uploaded document itself. Instead, we are asking you to add a small amount of information to the document as well as saving the file using an SER-specific naming protocol.

Firstly, if you do not do so already, please ensure that you include the Project Reference (in the same format as entered onto the certificate itself) somewhere visible within the document.

Secondly, when saving the document, please use the following naming protocol:

‘DocReg’-<project reference to match certificate>-<date as yyyymmdd>

e.g. DocReg-91756-20180418

Please note that it is not possible to save a file name containing /, so if your Project Reference contains this character please replace it with a dash.

Manually adding a list

Some Certifiers prefer to manually enter individual items onto Schedule 1 rather than uploading a list. When generating a certificate as an additional stage for a project and manually entering items, please add an item at the beginning of the list of documents stating that ‘The following items are submitted as part of Stage X’. This should be done each time a new certificate is added to the project.

Why are we making these changes?

Whichever method you use for completing Schedule 1 to an SER certificate, these changes will enable DOE to ensure that they are looking at the up to date list of information; this will prove particularly helpful for projects which are comprised of a large number of certificates.

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