Performance Criteria

Certifiers shall not sign the design certificate until they are satisfied that the design has been completed and checked to an appropriate standard.


An Approved Certifier of Design must certify that the design of the building complies with the Building Bye-laws. This requirement has been reflected in the wording of the design certificate. This implies that certificates cannot be signed until the design has been completed. Certificates cannot be issued as a promise of future action.


Work should be programmed and/or building permit applications staged in a way that will accommodate the design process and ensure that there is sufficient time for adequate checks of the design to be undertaken before the certificate of design is completed.

It is important that there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the design was completed and checked before the certificate of design was signed.

It is not expected that the every page of the design documents is signed and dated by the checker and Certifier; the use of a control sheet is acceptable. However, this should detail the pages that have been checked and reviewed by the certifier and dated. It is expected that there will evidence of the check and review in the form of annotations, handwritten or digital, or a separate document recording the comments of the checker and Certifier. There also needs to be evidence that any comments have been considered and corrections made, if appropriate.

Examples of Major Non-conformances

Design certificate(s) signed before the design of all of the elements is complete, except where the element is listed on schedule 2.

Examples of Improvement Issues


October 2016

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