Reporting of Failure of Certified Structures

Whilst the purpose of the Scheme of Certification of Design (Building Structures) is to make sure that buildings have been designed to comply with the requirements of the Building Byelaws (Jersey) with respect to Requirements 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 of Schedule 2, it is anticipated that from time to time there may be failures of buildings where the structural design was certified. Such failures may or may not relate to the design and certification of the building structure.

As soon as a member of the Scheme becomes aware of the failure of any part of a building the design of which was certified they shall make a report to SER. The responsibility for making such a report rests primarily with the Approved Body responsible for the certification of the design but reports may also be made by the Approved Certifier.

On receipt of a report SER will take whatever action is considered to be appropriate given the particular circumstances of the case.

Reports should be made using the form in the document above and sent to the Registration Schemes Executive at:

Structural Engineers Registration Ltd
47-58 Bastwick Street


[email protected]

October 2016

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