Many of the decisions that a Certifier will take while undertaking the certification of the design of buildings structures are based on an assessment of the consequences of failure. BS EN 1990:2002 Eurocode - Basis of structural design proposes in Appendix B Table B1 three consequence classes, which are based on the consequences of failure or malfunction of the structure and gives examples of buildings in the various classes.

SER have refined this methodology and have assigned buildings to five Risk Groups as shown in the following Building Risk Group Matrix. This matrix should be used to determine the Risk Group to which the building belongs.

The requirements for checking of the design and the options that may be used for certification are dependent on the Risk Group and are shown in the matrix, as are the risk classes used when assessing the requirements for disproportionate collapse.

It should be noted the Risk Groups of the buildings being certified will be one of the factors considered when assessing the frequency and timing of audits.

The Risk Group is a key piece of information that will be required to be input when generating the certificate of design.

Building Risk Group Matrix

Please see the document above for the full Building Risk Group Matrix.

October  2016

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