New Approved Body Admin Area

28 March 2019

Our favourite blogs to write are always the ones in which we are able to inform you of changes we have made that we believe will make your lives (well, your lives as Certifiers or Certification Coordinators, anyway) significantly easier. That is certainly the case this week!

Certificates & Invoices: three SER processes you might not realise you can do yourself!

22 March 2019

We don't want anyone reading the title of this blog to think that we don't enjoy our interactions with SER Scheme members. Additionally, we would always recommend that you contact us if you are unsure of anything. It's just that a fairly hefty proportion of the calls and emails we receive relate to processes that the enquirer did not realise they could solve themselves, rather than having to wait for us to call them back because we were busy dealing with another query.

How to update your SER account details

21 March 2019

This blog also looks at processes you may not be aware you can do yourself, concentrating on changing contact, employer and employee details. We will readily accept that it's not the most thrilling stuff you will ever read, but familiarising yourself with these practices will hopefully save you time and effort in the future.

Certification coordinator changes

08 November 2018

In this week's blog we are going to walk you through the new and significantly improved certification coordinator system.

Advice for those applying to become an SER Approved Certifier

01 August 2018

This week we have put together some hints and tips for people that are looking to join the SER Scheme as an Approved Certifier of Design (Building Structures). The advice will be of most use to those that have yet to begin the process, so please pass this to any colleagues that are thinking of applying.

Changes to use of Schedule 1

21 May 2018

We emailed all Jersey Scheme members on 23rd April to inform them that DOE have requested that Certifiers incorporate some minor changes into their certification procedures. This brief blog will provide a little more information on the reasoning behind the requested changes, and will also provide visual examples of what is required.